Simon TurmanisDr Veena Sothieson & Dr Mitchell Dowling  at Simon Turmanis & Associates, are professional, warm, open, caring, supportive, enthusiastic, willing, compassionate, reliable, efficient, and dedicated to helping you make the change necessary to improve your mental health, well being and satisfaction with life. Collectively, Simon, Veena and Mitchell have over 25 years experience working with adults, adolescents, and children with various Client Issues.

Specific Clinical Training, Experience, + Ongoing Professional Development mean our Psychologists are Clinically Endorsed to provide the most up-to-date, scientifically validated psychological treatments. To bring about the best possible treatment outcomes for you, we will carefully assess your individual issues and goals of therapy and flexibly apply psychological treatments.

We care a lot about people, their health, well being & satisfaction with life. We feel strongly about human suffering. We want to help you reduce your suffering. We strongly believe in the strength & ability within you, to change your life, and mange your issues more effectively. As experts on mental health & change, we respect you as the expert of your life. Thus, we help you to work towards what is important, meaningful and purposeful for you, to better meet your psychological needs. To facilitate positive change, we help you develop greater self awareness and the necessary psychological skills + strategies to better manage and deal with difficult thoughts and feelings. We also help you reconnect with your values (how you want to be as a person, what matters to you, what is meaningful, purposeful and valuable to you) and help you commit to take action in line with your values.

The overwhelming research evidence indicating the effectiveness of psychological therapy for a variety of emotional and psychological difficulties is accepted and has been used by many. Will you put your needs first, as over 2000 individual people have done with us since 2005, and realise the benefits of our psychological help and services? See Client Satisfaction and Treatment Outcome Data to help you decide. For further information or any enquiries, please contact us.

Help reduce your suffering, improve your mental health, wellbeing & satisfaction with life by accessing, learning and applying free psychological skills, therapeutic tools and resources posted regularly on our Facebook page. Click here to watch our psychologists help deliver these psychological skills and tools.