About Simon Turmanis & Associates

Our Mission + What We Value

We care about people, their health, well being and satisfaction with life. We feel strongly about human suffering. We want to help you reduce your suffering. We strongly believe in the strength and ability within you, to change your life, and manage your issues more effectively. As experts on mental health and change, we respect you as the expert of your life. Thus, we help you to work towards what is important, meaningful and purposeful for you, to better meet your psychological needs. To facilitate positive change, we help you develop greater self awareness and the necessary psychological skills + strategies to better manage and deal with difficult thoughts and feelings. We also help you reconnect with your values (how you want to be as a person, what matters to you, what is meaningful, purposeful and valuable to you) and help you commit to take action in line with your values.

We Strongly Value being:

  • Experienced, Professional, Efficient
  • Authentic, Respectful, Collaborative
  • Committed, Willing, Flexible
  • Warm, Compassionate, Understanding
  • Enthusiastic, Supportive, Encouraging
  • Open, Honest, Reliable
  • Connected, Balanced

We are experienced in working with children, adolescents, adults & older persons for Individual, Couple, Child, & Family Therapy with a variety of issues. We practice in accordance with professional and ethical codes of conduct as outlined by the The Australian Clinical Psychologists Association (ACPA), and the Australian Psychological Society. Rebates are available through private health insurance, or, Medicare with referral by your GP, paediatrician or psychiatrist ($125 per session for 10 sessions per year).