EAP, Mediation, Workshops

Employment Assistant Programs (EAP)

Help your employees within your business/company/organisation to have:

  • Improved communication, confidence, assertiveness, initiative and creativity
  • Increased passion, enthusiasm for life and work
  • Increased capacity to produce described results
  • More harmonious relationships with co-workers, friends, and family
  • Greater personal and professional fulfillment
  • Better health, financial success; less stress; More time, energy and enjoyment.

The benefits of an EAP extend to employees, their families, co-workers and the organisation/company. Organisations with EAPs can experience improved performance, satisfaction, recognition and cost savings with reductions in absenteeism, improved productivity, efficiency, inter colleague relationships and quality of work.

We currently provide an Employee Assistance Program for two major companies/organisations. Our EAP aims to provide employees and members of their families an opportunity to discuss and improve work related and personal/non work related problems/issues which may be affecting their mental health, subsequent work performance/efficiency and satisfaction with work and life. Such issues include getting on better with colleagues, managing stress at work and home, improved self confidence, managing anxiety, depression; alcohol and drug abuse; marital issues etc. EAP can provide professional assessment and counselling for workers and their families which is confidential and which will not affect their current or future employment negatively.


We provide Mediation services to help individuals resolve conflict, move on from conflict, and reach resolution. Situations where Mediation is helpful include disagreements or conflicts between business partners, colleagues, team members, family members, ex partners. Disputes and differences frequently occur. Resolving such issues using litigation is costly and time consuming. Mediation may be a more cost effective way to reach agreement. We are not experienced in working with families trying to resolve conflict pre family law court when there are child custody or family separation issues.

Education & Skills Building Workshops/Seminars

We also provide one hour to half day onsite education and training workshops/seminars. These aim to help groups and individuals function optimally at work through learning, building and applying skills for improved communication, focus, commitment, and teamwork to reduce procrastination and time getting caught up in unhelpful thoughts and feelings about how things “should be”, and improve work efficiency and quality. They also help individuals within teams reconnect with their values related to work and make stronger commitments to act in line with goals related to their values.