Rebates / Fees

If your Psychiatrist or Paediatrician refers you, or your GP is able to provide a mental health care plan to Medicare, part of the fee for your sessions (6-10 per calendar year), can be claimed ($124.50 per session). If you intend not to obtain rebates through Medicare and you have Ancillary Cover with a private health insurance fund, you may claim a rebate for Psychological services.

Our fees for individual therapy sessions are set well below the recommended rate set by the Australian Psychological Society, which is currently $246 per 50-55 min session.

Full fees for individual sessions are $230 per 50-55 min session. Be aware that the initial session is usually 80 to 85 minutes ($345). Couple sessions are charged at $250 per 50-55 minute session and family sessions are charged at $260 per 50-55 min session. Be aware that the initial sessions for couples and families are usually calculated based on an 80-85 minute session and are priced at $375 and $390 respectively.

If you, as the fee payer, provide written evidence of earnings from income and assets from the previous financial year (of the fee payer(s)) of under $60,000, a reduced rate from the full fee may apply for individual, couple and family sessions.

Payment is due at the time of the session and can be made by cash, cheque, credit card or eftpos. We also have HICAPS to provide a Medicare rebate or private health care refund immediately. If fees are not paid, treatment may be terminated. Rebates are not available for payments on late cancellations (those made within 2 business days).

Assessments and preparation time for specific reports, such as treatment court reports, are charged at $250 per hour and incur GST in addition.

Cancellations, No Shows & Session Changes

A late cancellation fee will be charged in circumstances where clients cancel their sessions late (less than 2 business days notice), do not show for therapy sessions booked, or change sessions within 2 business days of the original session booking time. The fee will be waived in exceptional circumstances (e.g you are physically too unwell to make session). Rebates are not available for payments on late cancellations. Thus, unless exceptional circumstances occur we require 2 business days notice on all session changes, cancellations and no shows.