Sue & Angelica - Client Liaison Officers

When you contact Simon Turmanis & Associates with an initial enquiry or to make an appointment, you will most likely communicate with one of our Client Liaison Officers, Sue or Angelica.

Sue and Angelica are empathic and sensitive communicators who will assist you via phone, email or text to make or alter an appointment for yourself, friend, partner, patient or family member.

When you first speak to one of our client liaison officers they will thoughtfully match your issues, availability and therapy needs with our therapists’ availability, style, skills and experience. This will ensure you are seen by the most suitable therapist for you, and the therapist who can best help you with your specific issues. Thus, when you first speak with Sue or Angelica, they will ask you to provide brief information about your problems and issues, specific goals of therapy, ongoing available days and times. They will also need to spend a few minutes providing you with information you will require before starting therapy.

Both our client liaison officers are well trained and experienced in our codes of conduct, professional and ethical behaviour and client confidentiality. They have great communication skills and are ready to listen with care, empathy and respect.

Sue has gained decades of interpersonal and communication skills through previous roles in working with the public across a range of industries from travel to teaching. By nature Sue is a patient, warm and caring person.

Angelica is completing her final year in her undergraduate degree in Psychology and is moving towards an honours year in psychology. She brings with her several years of experience working in customer service in health, and with clients and families at the Cerebral Palsy alliance. By Nature Angelica is a kind, warm, friendly person with excellent communication and interpersonal skills.